Meet the Perrodin Family

Perrodin Supply Co. began on a whim, as a hope—a dream. We started our small business in a pinch and frugally used what we had on hand to sell what we could. Artists within our community quickly believed in us and helped us spread the word about our handmade goods. Within the first 6 months it was clear that we had found a special niche. We were happily working out of our home and using our 150 square foot storage shed as our wood shop. Our motto was simple: well made goods at affordable prices.

 With the start of the new year—marking our first full year of business—we were bursting at the seams and needed to expand. A few weeks ago we moved into an old strawberry warehouse only a mile from our home. The space is gorgeous and full of so much potential. We began our journey there full of hope and started dreaming of renovations, workshops, gardens, bonfires, and the likes. We just recently began working on our first big project in the new space when Jonathan had an unfortunate encounter with the miter saw and amputated his right index finger as a result. That split second suddenly changed everything.

Thank you for your support. We are eternally grateful,

Jonathan, Amber, Raine, and Ezzie